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Yoshimura-Fujii Laboratory

Simulation And Virtual Environment

Department of Systems Innovation, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo

Research Field


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Professor: Shinobu Yoshimura

Associate Professor: Hideki Fujii

Thesis Titles

degree year title
Doctor 2019 Reproduction of Traffic Flow Based on Estimation of Traffic Demand and Its Assignment
2019 Performance Study of Flapping Wing Motion Using Finite Element Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulation with Large Deformation
2018 Microscopic Simulation of Coupled Electric and Traffic Grids via Electric Vehicles
2017 Integrated Coupled Simulation for Multiscale and Multi-physics Tsunami Analysis
Master 2020 Hybrid Traffic Simulation with Model Switching
2020 Construction of macroscopic traffic flow model with machine-learning-based parameter identification
2020 Regional Power Demand Estimation Based on Residential Location Choice Simulation
2020 DOF Reduction in Origin-Destination Estimation Problem by Route- and Distance-based Grouping
2020 Multi-agent simulation in nursing homes
2019 Route Navigation of Electric Vehicle Based on Waiting Time Information of Charging Facility
2019 Parallelization of Microscopic Traffic Simulator with Dynamic Load Balancing
2019 Glocal(Global/Local) Control of Transportation System and Evaluation by Microscopic Simulation
2019 Simulation for Dynamic Ride-sharing Services Using Heuristic Dispatch Algorithm
2019 Multi-stage Location Design of Charging Station with Microscopic Traffic Simulator
2018 Evaluation of Road Improvement Using Mixed Traffic Simulation of Cars and Bicycles
2018 Mixed Traffic Simulation of Cars and Pedestrians around Large-scale Event Venue
2018 Household Distribution Simulation Based On Multi-agent System
2018 Large-scale Parallel Analysis of Thermal Conduction In Coal Gasification Vessel Including Cooling Pipes
2018 Large-scale parallel fluid-structure coupled analysis of offshore wind turbines
2018 Optimization of traffic count locations considering uncertainty of OD estimation in the traffic flow simulation
Bachelor 2020 Multi-agent Simulation for Effect Verification of Excretion Care System in Nursing-care Facilities
2020 Online Traffic Demand Estimation Using an Unscented Kalman Filter
2020 Feature Analysis of Road Network and Its Generation
2020 Impact Analysis of Diversity in Charging Reservation Behavior of Electric Vehicle Users
2019 Modeling and Simulation of Guide Agent for Alternative One-way Traffic
2019 Modeling of Car Behavior Considering Slope Effect and Highway Traffic Simulation
2019 Fluid-Rigid Interaction Analysis by Immersed Finite Element Method with Fractional Step Algorithm
2018 Microscopic Traffic Simulation of Automated Valet Parking
2018 Multiscale Traffic Simulation using Continuum and Multi-agent Models
2018 A Proposal of Reduced Order Mesh Moving Technique for Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis
2018 Zooming Analysis of Traffic Simulation and Its Application to Impact Assessment of LRT Railroad Extension in front of Okayama Station